Nichts passiert so, wie man es sich vorstellt

"Liebe heilt fast jede Depression, nur werden Depressive selten geliebt."

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Lets make this girl the most reblogged picture on tumblr


if this isn’t on your blog i think i’m going to have a problem with you.

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Das Positive nach stundenlangem Heulen ist, dass man danach ganz sicher gut einschläft.

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"But you deserve the universe and I’m just a star"

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oh sorry i was thinking about myself did you want something

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"Two people don’t fall in love because they sleep in the same bed, but because they share the same dreams."

- Mark Amend (via psych-facts)

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"You don’t have to explain your dreams, they belong to you."

- Paulo Coelho (via teenager90s)

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Eines Tages bin ich das Ein und Alles für eine Person.

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To Withstand the Force of Storms - La Dispute